Secondary Teaching for Mastery Specialist Programme Opportunity

Following the huge success of our Primary Mastery Specialist Teacher Programme, the Maths Hubs are now looking to expand this across to the Secondary phase. In 2016-17, there will be a National Collaborative Project looking to develop a Secondary Mastery Specialist programme following a similar style to our Cohort 2 Primary Specialists.

Every Maths Hub is now looking for between 1 and 4 teachers from different schools to participate in the central Secondary Mastery Specialist development programme. They will receive centralised training from the NCETM, and spend time developing Teaching for Mastery in their own school working with colleagues. During the latter part of the year, the Mastery Specialist teachers will also work with teachers from other schools and begin to set up Teacher Research Groups (TRGs).

Nominated teachers will be expected to have support from their department and a member of SLT. There will be funding for an equivalent of 10.5 days release time in Year 1, and a commitment to continue the programme in Year 2.

Further information and the application document can be found here. Schools are asked to send applications directly to:, and copying in the NCETM, by 14 October 2016.

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