Textbook Mapping update…

Our textbook mapping documents have been written by teachers, for teachers to use, and have been hugely popular. Thank you for all your support – it’s been great to receive so much positive feedback!

We never intended for them to be interpreted as an endorsement of certain textbooks, and this was not how the documents were written. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the textbook mapping could be perceived this way and as a result we have been asked to withdraw this part of the document. To address this issue, we have republished an edited version on the original lesson breakdown & textbook mapping documents, which can be found here. The Spring and Summer breakdowns have been written and will be published in the next half term. If you wish to access the White Rose Schemes of Learning, they can be found by clicking here.

The Maths Hubs have begun a national project to develop some Mastery Curriculum Materials over the course of this year. It may be that our lesson breakdown does not exactly match the NCETM resources being developed. However, we know that many schools are finding it useful, so please continue to use the lesson breakdown for as long as you find it helpful!

Surrey Plus Maths Hub Team

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