Goldsworth 2It has been an honour and a privilege to host Miss Wang and Mr Ou at our school this last two weeks, as part of the Shanghai-England Mathematics Teacher Exchange. The children at Goldsworth have made our Chinese teachers feel very welcome and have been inquisitive themselves about what teaching is like in Shanghai, asking many questions. Goldsworth 9Mr Ou and Miss Wang have taught Maths in Bats and 6B every day since their arrival two weeks ago. The children from these classes have both enjoyed and coped very well with a different style of teaching to which they are used to as well as hosting many visiting teachers at the back of their classrooms!

Goldsworth 8

It has been a busy and hectic time for everyone involved culminating in the showcase lessons this week, where we had 70 visiting teachers from around Surrey, who were interested to learn best practice from Miss Wang and Mr Ou.

Goldsworth lesson 1

Indeed, our staff at Goldsworth have been fortunate enough to observe Miss Wang teach 6S in our staff meeting this week, as well as drop into other lessons over the two weeks.

Overall, it has been an enriching experience for all of us and we have learnt so much from each other and hope that our relationship with these two lovely teachers will continue for a long time.

From the first day that I met Miss Wang and Mr Ou, when I was giving them a tour of our school, I was interested to know about teachers from a different country and how they teach. I was lucky enough to find out for myself as 6S stayed after school this week to be taught by Miss Wang. I was amazed by how good her English was and found her explanations helpful.  I think Miss Wang and Mr Ou have given English teachers a lot of help and support with teaching maths by giving them the opportunity to come and watch their lessons at our school. Whenever I have gone to visit them to check they are ok, they have given me a warm welcome and I will miss them when they leave.

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